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Kids Gardening

Camp Garden Gnome

Engage your kids' senses on an organic vegetable farm for a full week of clay and farming activities! 

Each morning will consist of one farming lesson and one pottery lesson taught by Farmer Julia.

Ages 7-11


M-F:  June 12-16



M-F: July 10-14



Painting Pottery

Camp Description

Come learn about soil health, regenerative farming, and the connection of local farms to communities!

Explore different types of clay and clay projects inspired by nature and the farm!

(All work made by students will be fired and ready for pick up two weeks after class ends.)


Farming Activities:

Where do our fruits and veggies come from?

Vegetable of the Day: Kale

Clay Project:

Pinch Pot Veggies



Farm Activities:

Caring for our Soil

Vegetable of the Day: Kohlrabi

Clay Project:

Soft Slab Hands 


Farming Activities:


Vegetable of the Day: Beets

Clay Project:

Gnome Homes

Clay Mugs


Farm Activities:


Vegetable of the Day: Lettuce

Clay Project:

Mushroom Jars


Farming Activities:

Growing Gardens and Community

Vegetable of the Day: Microgreens

Clay Project:

Coil Planter

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Farmer Julia

With a degree in K-9 education Farmer Julia has been teaching Art and Ceramics for over 15 years. She teaches ceramics at Kalamazoo Institute of Arts and Blue Lakes Art Camp in Whitehall, MI. She is excited to bring together her passions of teaching, local food, and ceramic arts to KZOO kids this growing season!

Farmer Ben

With a degree in Sustainable Agriculture from Sterling College, Farmer Ben has been farming for over 15 years.

In 2018 Ben and Julia founded Tiny Giant Farm in Kalamazoo, MI.

While not actively teaching during Gnome Camp, Farmer Brown will be continuing his daily work of       "gnome-ing" about the farm tending to the vegetables.


Tiny Giant Farm
"Grow Better, Not Bigger"

Tiny Giant Farm was founded in 2018 on the belief that small, everyday actions can have a large, lasting impact. 

 We choose to farm small because it forces us to farm well, to farm sustainably, and to farm responsibly.


It allows us to pay attention to detail.  To stay connected.  To invest the best of ourselves in the small amount of land that we have to provide the best possible produce to you, our community.

We never use artificial chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides, not just because we don't 'believe' in them, but because we don't want them in our backyard, just like you don't want them in your food.

Staying small allows us to grow you better, fresher, more nutritious veggies, so that we can help grow a happier, healthier community here in Kalamazoo.

We are proud to be Certified Naturally Grown.

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